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I grew up in a house where my mother noticed absolutely everything. That wasn't always a good thing when I was out of line, of course-- but I learned to see the fine details in things, as well as notice and appreciate others' self-expression. I especially remember nights on Park Avenue in New York where, transfixed, she would stop us to point out a very clever and beautiful store window.

After a long stint as front man for rock band Mel and the Party Hats, I took up photography full-time in 2006 to scratch a longstanding itch. Following a career focusing on myself and my own performance,  it's been great helping others express themselves and capturing authentic moments.

Clients catch my contagious enthusiasm. I either let them do their thing if they are comfortable, or I work with them in styling and posing, and most especially calming down. Most of the time, a comfortable position creates a comfortable pose.

Along with my commercial work, I am a working artist and really enjoy working on my personal photography projects. I have displayed my work in Nashville and Berlin, my second home.

For more about my creative side, see www.hunzy.net

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